Hello again,babies!:)

So…I’m back.

Actually I think that old clients of my store and people who used to read my blog know that I kept myself offline for much time(3 years ago).Btw I hadn’t an opportunity to explain what was happening at the time.

Well I started playing Second Life 8 years ago.I just fell in love with this game when a friend of mine told me about it.I remember that I just drove my mind crazy about getting a store in this game.It could be an great opportunity to develop my skills.

Some stores like Curio and Laqroki always did amazing stuffs.They inspired since the beginning to start my own work.So in 2007 I created a clothing line (which I didn’t keep for much time) and a skin store in 2009.I used to call the last one as [I CE COCO] which  I changed the name to Mamboo Chic.

Well after months of work at the time my store finally started to receive a bunch of daily visitors/clients.I used to work every single day,meet people,know brands…until RL gets me(what is totally normal as you know).I just needed keep myself away from SL to get my University degree,to start a new course in my area and to think about my immigration program.I had a huge change in my life these years so I’d like to apologize because I hadn’t explain anything to anybody yet.I’m so sorry.

Well I moved to Canada few days ago.Everything sounds like OK here for now.It’s probably a good time to come back to SL.I have been online to take a look around at news from my favorite stores and  to talk with people.

So…actually I think that it`s a great time to post again.I will be back!:)

Leona - Lotte face_003

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Looking great


                                                                                         STYLE CREDITS

SKIN: *Glance Skins – Coco – Praline – Big Bust – (GLANCE)

HAIR: [e] Rhythm – Brown 02 -(ELIKATIRA)

EARRINGS: [MANDALA]MaruMaru earrings/Brown – (MANDALA)

JACKET: AOHARU_W-RidersLeatherBlouson_DenimLight[Female] – (AOHARU)

SNEAKERS: Magnetized Sneakers_Black Intense – (BALKANIK)

PANTS: Maitreya Mesh Leggings – Black -(MAITREYA)

TANK TOP: Maitreya RB-Tank * White -(MAITREYA)

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                                                             CREDIT STYLE

SKIN: Betty Medium 2 – (BELLEZA)

HAIR: TREND hair/Light Brunette – (LELUTKA)

SHIRT: Tucked-in Blouse – White -(MAITREYA)

BLAZER: Sleek Blazer_StandardSizing_Sand -(LEVEROCCI)

PANTS: [celoe.lolong.trousers.makara] – (CELOE)


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                                                                      STYLE CREDITS

SKIN: -Belleza- Betty Med 2 – ( Belleza for VINTAGE FAIR 2012)

EYES: Eyes Bella -Desire – (REDGRAVE)

HAIR: [e] Looking – Midnight Blacks -(Elikatira)

DRESS: [CIA Designs] Sequin dress – Black (Mesh) – (Cia Designs for VINTAGE FAIR)




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LISSEÉ group gift





SKIN: .Lissee: Mia [Honey – GIFT] -(Group gift from LISSEÉ)

HAIR: >TRUTH< Hilary –  light browns -(TRUTH)

TOP: Part of ”{mon tissu} Park Avenue Top – White” – (MON TISSU)

SKIRT: Ricielli Mesh – Pencil leather skirt/black -(RICIELLI)

BAG: Ricielli Mesh – YUSE bag – blumine -(RICIELLI)

SHOES: Iceli Full Spike Stiletto Black -(NX NARDCOTIX)

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Mia from Lisseé


Many people didn’t know that Lisseé is the newest name of Mamboo Chic.

The newest work is better than another ones.The last skins are soft and cute.

Mia is my last skin and it was released today.It has an amazing face.

Mia comes with 6 lipstick and 13 makeup options(The pack of each tone skin includes 2 face moles and 1 eyeliner like tattoo layer too).



SKIN: Mia(Honey) – (LISSEÉ)

HAIR: [e] Flattery – Rich Browns -(ELIKATIRA)

EYES: Izzie’s – Deep Dark Eyes olive -(IZZIE`S)

PURSE: House of Fox :: OnyxClutch Mesh[Black] -(HOUSE OF FOX)

DRESS: (NO) *Mesh* Crochet Dress – Black -(NYLON OUTFITERS)

TOP: -Glam Affair- Intima – Jen -(GLAM AFFAIR)

PANTS: (TokiD) solo jeans (grey) -(TOKID)

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Looking great



                                                                         STYLE CREDITS

SKIN: Coco(Praline tone) – (GLANCE)

EYESHADOW: Coco eyeshadow 5 -(GLANCE)

LIPSTICK: Coco – Praline – Matte 05 -(GLANCE)

HAIR: Crush: Dark Browns -(EXILE)

BLOUSE: [Mesh] Ashima Blouse *ivory* -(ZAARA)

PANTS: Solo jeans (peach) -(TOKID)

SHOES: Iceli Full Spike Stiletto Black -(NX-NARDCOTIX)

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